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Lung Cancer Claim - Aids and Equipment

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You may need equipment to help you in the home if you are diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer.

If your asbestosis or pleural thickening has caused you to be severely disabled you then you might also benefit from this equipment.

Sometimes this is provided free of charge by local authorities or charities but there can sometimes be long waiting lists for certain equipment, for example a stair lift.  

If you believe that you need equipment in the home, you can ask your local authority to carry out a care and support needs assessment.  Even if they do not provide any equipment, they should be able to provide you with details of other organisations that can help and details of the equipment that may help you.  

If you choose to buy any equipment, we may be able to recover the cost of this for you in your mesothelioma claim, lung cancer claim or in your claim for compensation for having asbestosis or pleural thickening. One of our specialist asbestos solicitors can advise you about this.

What equipment you might want or need varies from one person to the next. The things you may want to consider include: –

  • Pillow protectors

  • Mattress protector

  • Bed fleece

  • Heel/elbow protectors

  • Adjustable table

  • Motor rise reclining chair

  • Commode

  • Non-slip tray

  • Walking stick

  • Grab rails

  • Additional hand rails on the stairs

  • Stair lift

  • Portable scooter

  • Wheelchair

  • Adjustable single bed

  • Sock/stocking aid

  • Pill dispenser

It is also sometimes necessary to make adaptations to your home such as for example installing a walk-in-shower rather than a bath.  It is sometimes possible to claim the cost of these adaptations from your opponents. One of our specialist mesothelioma and asbestos solicitors can advise you about this.  

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